Integrated System

The VITROS® XT 7600 removes the obstacles to reducing turnaround time and increasing your ability to provide meaningful results.

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The Result of Quality

VITROS® XT Systems embrace DIGITAL CHEMISTRY™ and are powered by a new digital reflectometer, connecting your labs ecosystem better than ever before, driving your efficiency, productivity and improving the quality of care you can provide to your patients.

Benefits for You and your Lab

Maximum Uptime

Up to 6 months of calibration stability compared to non-VITROS® XT Systems.

Reduced Sample Size to as low as 2.7uL

Improve patient care, particularly for populations whose sample is more precious.

Greater Output

Doubling testing output from one MicroSlide without increasing your footprint.

Digital Chemistry

Equipped with a new digital reflectometer, that improves accuracy.

Streamlined Performance

Gain proactive and predictive data intelligence with our informatic solution.

Menu Expansion

Get the capability your lab needs today with the scalability for the demands of tomorrow.

Beyond the Lab: Better Patient Care

Enhance patient safety and compliance. Reduce errors with automatic monitoring and eliminate contamination with single-use tips.

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Beyond the Lab: Team Efficiency that Grows with Demand

When demand increases but staff size stays the same, it can mean new inefficiencies, such as slower turnaround time that leaves clinicians waiting longer for results. We’re here to make sure your team is well-equipped for changing demands — now and into the future.

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Coming to a city near you

The Ortho neXT Tour will be circling the country demonstrating the impact and effectiveness that our innovative technologies and workflows can have on your lab.

What our Customers Say

When I think of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, I think of their good service, good quality of tests and the fantastic flexibility of their solutions.- Henrik Ullum, PhD, Head of Laboratory

I believe Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is at the forefront of new technologies, innovation and true environmental benefits.- Amparo Moral Baltuille, Director of Clinical Analysis

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