Chemistry System

The next generation in Clinical Chemistry Solutions. 

The world is digitizing rapidly in order to deliver enhanced patient care and satisfaction, more effective data and increased efficiency, and your Lab is no exception.

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Productivity for Today and Tomorrow

VITROS® XT Systems are powered by a new digital reflectometer, connecting your labs ecosystem better than ever before, driving your efficiency, productivity and improving the quality of care you can provide to your patients.

Benefits for You and your Lab

Improve Operations

Centralize sample loading and prioritize up to 50 samples to optimize workflow.

Meet Demand

Keep up during peak hours with a system that has 150 reagent positions.

Enhance Safety

Reduce errors with automatic monitoring and real-time operator notification.

Reduce Costs

High reportable result efficiency that improves labor effectiveness and cuts costs.

Simplify Process

System designed to minimize the need for operator intervention.

Maximise Uptime

Resolve technical issues quickly with our 24/7 best in class support teams.

Beyond the lab: Better patient care

Enhance patient safety and compliance. Reduce errors with automatic monitoring and eliminate contamination with single-use tips.

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What our Customers Say

I believe Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is at the forefront of new technologies, innovation and true environmental benefits.Amparo Moral Baltuille, Director of Clinical Analysis

When I think of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, I think of their good service, good quality of tests and the fantastic flexibility of their solutions.Henrik Ullum, PhD, Head of Laboratory

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