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Discover a Versatile System With a Small Footprint

About the size of the copier down the hall, the VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System is a wonder of versatility. In a small footprint, VITROS® ECiQ gives your lab a broad menu of routine and specialty immunodiagnostic testing. And VITROS® INTELLICHECK® technology automatically puts each test to the test, so you can count on the integrity and quality of the results

Benefits for You and your Lab

VITROS® MicroWell

With Enhanced Chemiluminescence Detection delivers precise results, with fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats and redraws.

Meet Demand

Keep up during peak hours with a system that has 150 reagent positions.

Enhance Safety

Reduce errors with automatic monitoring and real-time operator notification.

Reduce Costs

High reportable result efficiency that improves labor effectiveness and cuts costs.


Increases confidence in result quality by eliminating carryover with the system’s disposable, single-use tip design.

Maximize Uptime

Resolve technical issues quickly with our support teams

VITROS® Menu of Assays

For actionable diagnostic insights, trust the VITROS® Family of Systems high-performing assays that span all major disease categories.

What our Customers Say

Implementing an integrated platform with autoverifcation was the right course of action for our laboratory. This allowed us to not only process more samples, but allowed us to process them more efficiently and quickly.Connie Woods, Administrative Director of Laboratory

I have been an Ortho customer since 1988, since we have partnered with Ortho we have seen increases in efficiency in line with increasing demand on the lab. We started with 3 FTEs and we still have 3 FTEs, we now do over 3.5M tests per year which is tremendous, it is a life saver that we have this instrumentation.Patusa Mayfield, Laboratory Director

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