VITROS® 5600

Integrated System

Equip Your Lab With More Than 120 Assays in One Integrated System

Quality, reliability and value for your lab – making the best labs better.

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VITROS® Is Versatile

Your lab is under constant pressure to do more. The VITROS® 5600 features a broad menu of assays that covers 90% of the menu needs and 99% of the testing volume of a typical lab. The VITROS® 5600 is designed to help you efficiently consolidate critical testing to deliver quality and timely results to the physicians and patients who depend on you. It provides a comprehensive clinical chemistry and immunoassay menu on a single integrated platform, delivering high quality, productivity and value to your lab.

Benefits for You and your Lab

VITROS® MicroSlide

Design filters out proteins and lipids when appropriate, minimizing sample interferences.

VITROS® MicroTip

Eliminates carry-over and contamination risks of water-based systems.

VITROS® MicroWell

With Enhanced Chemiluminescence Detection delivers precise results, with fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats and redraws.

VITROS® MicroSensor

Detects endogenous interferences without the need for extra sample or reagent – and with no effect on turnaround time (TAT).


Monitors, verifies, and documents diagnostic checks throughout sample and assay processing, giving you accurate, efficient result reporting.

Norton Healthcare Partners with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

With test volume growing, Norton Healthcare’s Central Laboratory needed to upgrade their instruments to keep pace. By consolidating from eight workstations to three VITROS® 5600 Integrated Systems and making process improvements, the Norton team was able to achieve consistent turnaround times.

VITROS® Menu of Assays

For actionable diagnostic insights, trust the VITROS® Family of Systems high-performing assays that span all major disease categories.

VITROS® 5600 Integrated System External Validation

For patients who require both immunoassay and routine chemistry, TAT is often prolonged. By eliminating the need to split the sample on the analyzer or move sample trays between modules, the VITROS® 5600 Integrated System optimizes TAT.

What our Customers Say

Implementing an integrated platform with autoverifcation was the right course of action for our laboratory. This allowed us to not only process more samples, but allowed us to process them more efficiently and quickly.Connie Woods, Administrative Director of Laboratory

I have been an Ortho customer since 1988, since we have partnered with Ortho we have seen increases in efficiency in line with increasing demand on the lab. We started with 3 FCEs and we still have 3 FCEs, we now do over 3.5M tests per year which is tremendous, it is a life saver that we have this instrumentation.Patusa Mayfield, Laboratory Director

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