Technologies prédictives

Technologies prédictives

Technologies prédictives

Get the support you need to make more informed decisions. Our Predictive Technologies use remote monitoring to proactively identify and help resolve potential problems before they interrupt your operations. This offers you greater peace of mind—so you can continue to provide your patients with predictable, reliable results.

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With Predictive Technology, we’re advancing instrument servicing from the old “break-fix” model to a new “monitor, prevent, and protect” model to help laboratories deliver timely and accurate results to benefit patient lives

Monitor with Global Predictive Technologies Centers

The Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Predictive Technologies Center (PTC) is the first of its kind, 24 hours/7 days a week command center in the in vitro diagnostic industry. The PTCs provide continuous worldwide coverage with locations around the world. Through a secure, two-way e-Connectivity® Technology connection between instruments and the highly skilled technical support team at the PTC, we continuously track the condition and performance of your instrument to identify and help solve potential problems—before they happen.

Prevent with Predictive Technologies powered by e-Connectivity® Technology

Predictive Technologies powered by e-Connectivity® Technology provide the potential to reduce downtime, prevent workflow interruptions, help enhance lab productivity, and provide greater peace of mind

Protect with security, confidentiality, and privacy

Predictive Technologies provide you with maximized uptime and security. e-Connectivity® Technology not only supports the delivery of timely and accurate results to patients and physicians, it also protects patient data

Predictive Technologies