Ortho Care is an award winning, holistic support program, partnering with customers to help them deliver high quality patient care

Customer Experience is Key

Ortho’s business strategy starts with putting customers into the center of everything we do. All employees are assigned training on how to meet customer needs and develop ways to improve. From our global factories to sales, every employee knows the contribution of diagnostic laboratories in healthcare and how their role impacts patient care.

Mission Critical

Every test is a life and Ortho knows the pressure you are under to deliver. We respect your valuable time by equipping our teams with technologies to quickly solve issues so you are always ready to deliver the highest standards of care.

Staff Wanted

Keeping up to date with new technologies, new hires, and cross-training staff can be exhausting. Ortho provides customers with flexible training programs and the Knowledge Center with >600 resources to keep your staff in the know..

“Pedro was very helpful with my question and was able to explain everything to me in detail while being kind and patient. Quick, thorough customer service—plus he followed up the next day to see how it was working.” Laura Ad from Palmetto Health Tuomey,

When I call the TSC, I specifically request to speak with Connie Violenus because there is not one thing that she can’t help with or fix. I like to do a lot of my own troubleshooting before calling, but she is always patient and precise in walking me through any mechanical adjustments I might need. Connie knows everything about the software, navigation and assays! I love the Ortho technical service I receive. Carol Johnston-Atlanta Center for Medicine ,

Recently we had an issue with a Triglyceride calibration going out of range. The knowledge, dedication and professionalism in which these professionals helped us through the issue was second to none. Their communication with each other was obvious as one of them would pick up where the other left off. For your customers, these issues can be tedious as well as stressful in our desire to ensure we are turning out timely, accurate lab testing. Dimitrios and Hannah helped us ensure we were doing exactly that. It was a pleasure working with them both Dan Crisp-East Adams Rural Healthcare,