Terre Haute Regional Hospital Becomes First to Install the ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer

Terre Haute Regional Hospital Becomes First to Install the ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer

Nov 12, 2015

Terre Haute Regional Hospital Becomes First to Install the ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer

November 12, 2015

Shift from Manual to Automated Blood Analysis Required for Hospital’s Transition to Level II Trauma Center

Terra Haute
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RARITAN, NJ – November 12, 2015 – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics today announced that Terre Haute Regional Hospital is the first U.S. medical center to install the ORTHO VISION™​ Analyzer, a highly interactive, fully automated analyzer for transfusion medicine laboratories.


Terre Haute Regional Hospital, based in Terre Haute, Indiana, is in the process of becoming a Level II Trauma Center, allowing patients with acute emergency needs to be treated within their community rather than traveling much farther away.


“Speed and precision are essential elements of our transition to becoming a Level II Trauma Center,’’ said Dr. Christine Toevs, trauma medical director at Terre Haute Regional Hospital. “With surgeons waiting to operate at a moment’s notice, the ORTHO VISION™​ Analyzer will enable our blood bank to work more quickly and efficiently, providing the people of our region the best care available. We won’t waste precious time – sometimes those minutes are the difference between life and death – flying patients over our hospital to a different city.”


Designed with secure monitoring technologies for safety checks and balances, the ORTHO VISION™​ Analyzer gives transfusion medicine professionals the ability to track critical steps in the immunohematology testing process. Through Ortho Clinical Diagnostics’ proprietary Intellicheck® Technology, the OORTHO VISION™​ Analyzer verifies and documents diagnostic checks throughout the testing process, while e-Connectivity® Technology provides 24/7 remote data tracking that monitors instrument performance while maximizing uptime. Laboratory personnel can also log on anytime, anywhere to collaborate on interpreting results in real time for an extra level of confidence.


“The lab at Terre Haute Regional Hospital is the perfect setting to demonstrate everything the ORTHO VISION™​ Analyzer can do to enhance blood-bank efficiency,” said Heidi Casaletto, head of transfusion medicine at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. “Switching from manual to fully automated will enable the specialists in the lab to focus on getting the blood products ready for the patient while the instrument runs the type and screen tests for them. The lab can now do its job as the backbone of the trauma center.”


A version of the ORTHO VISION™​ Analyzer is also available in Europe, Japan, Latin America, Canada and Australia.


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