Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Receives CE Mark Approval for ORTHO CONNECT™ V2.0 Middleware Solution

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Receives CE Mark Approval for ORTHO CONNECT™ V2.0 Middleware Solution

Jan 11, 2017

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Receives CE Mark Approval for ORTHO CONNECT™ V2.0 Middleware Solution

January 11, 2017
Offering ‘one connection, complete control’ through simplified data management, ORTHO CONNECT™ V2.0 is now commercially available in Europe and other countries accepting CE Mark

RARITAN, N.J. – January 11, 2017 – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Ortho), a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, today announced that its ORTHO CONNECT™ V2.0 middleware solution is CE Marked, signifying conformity with all EU regulation. ORTHO CONNECT™ is a comprehensive, integrated and customizable intermediary software that streamlines laboratory operations, allowing lab professionals to manage multiple instruments from a single console and define rules specific to their needs. It also enables the ORTHO VISION® and ORTHO VISION® Max immunohematology analyzers, which test blood for transfusion compatibility, to connect to a hospital’s Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) to exchange data and simplify processes.  ORTHO CONNECT™ V2.0 is now available for purchase in Europe and other countries that accept the CE Mark.

ORTHO CONNECT™ strengthens Ortho’s transfusion medicine portfolio capabilities. It was developed to address the myriad demands placed on lab managers, whose limited staff have diverse skill sets and are asked to serve an expanding array of health networks. With cost containment and increased haemovigilance top of mind, lab managers need to consolidate and standardize their instruments while optimizing both automation and workflow. 

ORTHO CONNECT™ provides labs with highly customizable middleware that allows them to automate results validation and quality-check testing requirements; simplify processes such as data management and regulatory requirements that laboratory information systems (LIS) cannot do alone; and further enhance efficiency through remote connectivity. Through its functionality, ORTHO CONNECT™ works to support a lab’s ability to improve safety and lab efficiency at every step of the testing process. 

“Ortho is focused on diminishing the complexities of immunohematology testing while improving safety, speed and efficiency throughout the blood bank,” said Robert Yates, Ortho's chief operating officer. “ORTHO CONNECT™ does just that, bringing improved functionality to Laboratory Information Systems that are often relatively rigid and outdated. It’s the perfect complement to our ORTHO VISION® family of analyzers.”

ORTHO CONNECT™ is highly configurable, allowing labs to choose from more than 40 rules to meet their specific demands. Pre-process conversion rules can automatically perform specific tests and post-processing reflex testing can be defined to deliver required results. By automating results validation and QC testing, it simplifies processes, ensures compliance and increases result traceability.

ORTHO CONNECT™ works seamlessly with the comprehensive, integrated and scalable suite of products Ortho developed for Immunohematology labs. 

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