VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology

VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology

VITROS<sup>®</sup> Intellicheck<sup>®</sup> Technology

VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology is one of the 5 enabling technologies that power the transformational performance of our VITROS® diagnostic instruments in labs around the world.

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How it works:

Based on proven, innovative, and patented technologies, including advanced processing features, VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology monitors, verifies, and documents diagnostic checks throughout sample and assay processing for accurate and efficient result reporting

What it offers your lab:

  • SMART Metering featuring single-use tips and Save-the-Sample Clot Detection Management and bubble detection to avoid reporting erroneous results
  • MicroSensor Technology that flags all results affected by common interferences with no reagents, additional sample volume, or impact on throughput
  • IntelliReport™ that provides full traceability, operator notification, and real-time exception documentation
  • Integrated process control that verifies the integrity of the sample processed and results reported
VITROS® Intellicheck® Technology

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