Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Manage the alignment of your laboratory’s supplies with its demand with ORTHO PLUSSM Inventory Management. ORTHO PLUSSM dramatically increases control of your lab’s reagent and consumable supplies—and gives you access to essential inventory management data online anywhere, anytime—through the power of e-Connectivity® Technology. So you can optimize productivity through inventory control.

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Control inventory with proactive inventory management

+ Reviews reagent and consumable usage and inventory on a daily basis*
+ Calculates proper supply amounts and sets up consistent order timing*
+ Clarifies usage habits and tracks reagent needs across multiple sites and analyzers*

Better serve patient needs with optimal lab productivity

+ Streamlines and predictably schedules calibrator management to save time*
+ Sends email alerts before supplies get low*
+ Frees time for value-added activities that address patient needs*

Lower costs with smoother order predictability and cash flow

+ Reduces inventory and order handling*
+ Smoothes demand curves and volatility to minimize difficult budget conversations*
+ Identifies needs and customizes inventory management to reduce needed storage space*

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*See white paper for data
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Inventory Management


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