Astute NephroCheck® Test and Astute 140® Meter

Astute NephroCheck® Test and Astute 140® Meter

Astute NephroCheck<sup>®</sup> Test and Astute 140<sup>®</sup> Meter

Acute kidney injury (AKI) presents an increasing burden worldwide. When not detected at an early stage, AKI can lead to poor patient outcomes and increased healthcare expenditures. Now your clinicians can rapidly assess critically ill patients for risk of moderate to severe AKI.

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Through our strategic partnership with Astute Medical, Inc., Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is the exclusive sales agent for the Astute’s NEPHROCHECK® Test and ASTUTE140® Meter in the United States and in certain countries in Europe. Pending regulatory approval, Astute has also granted Ortho Clinical Diagnostics a semi-exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize a version of the NEPHROCHECK® Test for use on its VITROS® line of automated, high-volume testing platforms.

Together, these tests can identify patients at risk of moderate to severe AKI in approximately 20 minutes—so you can respond more rapidly to your hospital’s critically ill patients.


What it is: A single-use cartridge designed to detect biomarkers of moderate to severe Acute Kidney Injury risk(AKI).

How it works: Tests for 2 novel biomarkers (TIMP-2 and IGFBP-7), which are involved in G1 cell cycle arrest during the very early phases of cellular stress and are robust measures of moderate to severe risk for AKI manifesting within the next 12–24 hours.

NEPHROCHECK<sup>®</sup> Test



ASTUTE140® Meter

What it is: An in vitro diagnostic platform for novel biomarkers of acute medical conditions.

How it works: Uses a sandwich immunoassay technique along with fluorescence detection technology to quantitatively measure novel biomarker concentrations and displays test results on its LCD screen. Multiple quality control procedures ensure accurate results, which can then be printed or sent electronically to your laboratory information system (LIS).

After the NephroCheck® cartridge is inserted into the ASTUTE140® Meter, the meter will provide a test result in approximately 20 minutes.

ASTUTE140<sup>®</sup> Meter

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