VITROS®️ MicroSlide Technology From Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Recognized as ‘Innovative Water Saving Product’ by Confederation of Indian Industry

VITROS®️ MicroSlide Technology From Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Recognized as ‘Innovative Water Saving Product’ by Confederation of Indian Industry

Oct 23, 2019

Water Not Required With Ortho’s VITROS®️ MicroSlides and Systems

RARITAN, N.J.  – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, has received the CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2019 for its proprietary VITROS®️ MicroSlide technology in the category of Innovative Water Saving Product.

The award, presented by the Confederation of Indian Industry, honors a technology for processing test samples in medical labs that distinguishes Ortho from its competitors. Unlike traditional wet chemistry systems, which require highly purified water and complex plumbing systems to run, Ortho’s VITROS®️ Systems and the MicroSlide technology that runs on them do not require water. This eliminates the risk that poor water quality could impact test results.

“We’re thrilled with this recognition because it highlights the uniqueness of MicroSlides and the value of eliminating water from the clinical lab testing process,” said Anand Pande, head of Ortho’s ASPAC region, which includes India. “Not requiring water or drains also allows our systems to be used in remote regions that may not have a reliable water supply or where water may not be as pure as it should be. No matter where you are, your medical lab will achieve a quality result with the Ortho solution.”

Heidi Casaletto, Ortho’s head of portfolio strategy and marketing, noted in a video on Ortho’s website that being waterless makes Ortho MicroSlides and VITROS Systems ideal during natural disasters and other emergencies where infrastructure may be disrupted.

“Ortho’s VITROS [Systems] can be found all over the globe,” Casaletto said. “But you will find them, because of their specialty in being dry, in areas that are remote, that don’t have a lot of access to clean water, in some of the humanitarian aid ships that are around the globe. … The fact that our solutions can be there when people need it most makes me so proud to come into work every day.”

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About Ortho’s VITROS®️ Systems
The VITROS®️ Chemistry, Immunodiagnostics and Integrated Systems from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is a portfolio of products and patented enabling technologies which help clinical laboratories diagnose, monitor and treat disease.  VITROS®️ Products are engineered to help clinical laboratories with organizational, operational and economic challenges.

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