Shifting the AKI paradigm

Shifting the AKI paradigm

Shifting the AKI paradigm

From diagnosis to prevention

Acute kidney injury (AKI) presents an increasing burden worldwide. When not detected at an early stage, AKI can lead to poor patient outcomes and increased healthcare expenditures. Now your clinicians can rapidly assess critically ill patients for risk of moderate to severe AKI.

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Getting ahead of AKI:
Identify the risk of kidney injury before damage occurs

Two biomarkers. One test.
The Ortho Solution: Minimal investment for rapid impact

The NEPHROCHECK® Test is the first commercially available urine test that:

  • Measures two biomarkers thought to be involved in G1 cell-cycle arrest during the earliest phases of Kidney stress4
  • Detects kidney stress through elevated TIMP-2 and IGFBP-7 levels before AKI becomes apparent through traditional functional tests such as urine output and serum creatinine.4,5
  • Was discovered and validated as an AKI risk assessment tool for the development of moderate to severe AKI in two large international clinical trials across 29 sites with a combined 1200+ patients.5



The Ortho Solution: Minimal investment for rapid impact

The NEPHROCHECK® Test is available now either built-in our VITROS® automated systems or as a standalone meter to provide clinical laboratories and clinician’s confident results.

  • The ONLY risk assessment test for AKI
  • A simple urine test providing results in about 20 minutes
  • Peer-reviewed evidence
  • Easy and cost-effective to implement
  • Allows clinicians to intervene proactively





Acute Kidney Injury and the role of cell-cycle arrest biomarkers



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