Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Expands Therapeutic Drug Assay Menu in Collaboration With Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Expands Therapeutic Drug Assay Menu in Collaboration With Thermo Fisher Scientific

Oct 8, 2019

New MicroTip Partnership Assays (MPAs) Help Determine the Use of Digitoxin and Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA)

RARITAN, N.J. – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific, has expanded the menu on MicroTip-capable VITROS® Systems to enable testing for digitoxin, a widely prescribed cardiac medication, and tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) -- both drugs that can pose a danger if taken outside prescribed dosage levels.

Digitoxin is a cardiac glycoside that is prescribed for congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. The quantitative determination of digitoxin in serum and plasma by the Thermo Scientific CEDIA Digitoxin Assay can be used to achieve optimal therapeutic effect and avoid toxicity, a persistent concern for patients on digitoxin because of its narrow therapeutic range.

The Thermo Scientific DRI Tricyclics Serum Tox Assay can help clinicians detect the use of tricyclic antidepressants in potential overdose victims. A TCA overdose can result in loss of consciousness, coma, convulsions, hypotension, pulmonary complications or sudden death.1 Used properly, TCAs can be prescribed for depression, bipolar disorder, chronic pain and insomnia.

The new assays are the result of another successful collaboration in Ortho’s MicroTip Partnership Assays (MPA) program with strategic vendors to deliver an expanded testing menu on MicroTip-capable VITROS® Systems in key disease states to hospital labs and hospital networks. MPAs enhance a lab’s value by allowing them to offer esoteric testing to clinicians in step with today’s evolving needs for serving diverse patient populations.

“Collaborations in our MicroTip Partnership Assay program help expand our reach in delivering innovative, important new assays to our customers to help them drive value in their lab,” said Piper Antimarino, Ortho’s head of clinical labs product portfolio. “This collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific on the CEDIA Digitoxin Assay and DRI Tricyclics Serum Tox Assay further strengthens Ortho’s therapeutic drug testing portfolio of assays and advances the safe use of therapeutic drugs, which is consistent with Ortho’s commitment to reliability and safety.”

The CEDIA Digitoxin Assay is CE Marked and also licensed for use in Canada. The DRI Tricyclic Serum Tox Assay is CE Marked in Europe, 510(K) cleared in the United States and licensed for use in Canada.

Thermo Scientific, DRI and CEDIA are trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific and its subsidiaries.

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