Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and Sentinel Diagnostics Agree to Development, Wide-Range C-Reactive Protein Assay

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and Sentinel Diagnostics Agree to Development, Wide-Range C-Reactive Protein Assay

May 15, 2018

Agreement to Deliver CRP Ultra (MP) Assay for Use on Ortho’s automated VITROS® Systems

RARITAN, N.J. – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, today announced an international distribution and co-promotion agreement with Sentinel Diagnostics, to provide a wide-range C-Reactive Protein assay, the CRP Ultra (MP) Assay. The agreement is part of Ortho’s ongoing MicroTip Partnership Assays program, through which Ortho collaborates with other diagnostics companies to deliver a broad range of assays to the hospitals, hospital networks and labs who use Ortho’s VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System and VITROS® 5600 Integrated System.  

C-Reactive Protein is a substance produced by the liver.  Its levels in the blood rise in response to inflammation, making it useful in monitoring patient responses to surgery and drug therapy, and detecting other sources of inflammation, such as infection.  In line with Ortho’s commitment to providing a broad range of options and formulations for customer tests, the CRP Ultra assay provides a third C-Reactive Protein testing option for Ortho customers. A unique clinical and operational advantage of this option is the combination of low-end sensitivity with a wide linear range and extended on-analyzer stability.

“Our MicroTip Partnership Assays program helps us expand our reach in delivering innovative, important new assays to our customers,” said Robert Yates, Ortho’s chief operating officer. “The CRP Ultra Assay helps us deliver this important assay for use on our automated VITROS Systems, enabling labs to deliver critical test results while increasing operational efficiency.”

The assay will initially be launched in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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