Lab Consulting

Lab Consulting

Lab Consulting

C-suites increasingly expect hospital laboratories to help enhance operational efficiency rather than maintain their traditional status as a cost burden. Laboratorians deploy various operational strategies to improve workflow efficiency and cost savings for their laboratories, such as Lean healthcare management, blood management, test formularies, and consolidation of services and staffing, crucial to this effort.

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In today’s environment these strategies are often insufficient to create the efficiency required to maintain appropriate service levels. This has created the need for automation even in those laboratories previously considered to have insufficient workload to warrant the cost of investment. ValuMetrix® Consulting will work with the laboratory to allow them to make a fully informed choice on the optimal solution for their particular needs.

Who are ValuMetrix®?


What does ValuMetrix do®?


Consulting (VMX) have a global presence, providing the same service in every country.

VMX Consultants are experienced professionals with a deep understanding of laboratory workflow.

This is complemented with LEAN process knowledge , continuing education programmes, centralised tools development, discrete event simulation modelling , Visio & autoCAD 2D drawing, 3D modelling & virtual reality (VR).



Consulting (VMX) provide advice and support customers throughout the sales continuum

During the Pre-sale the VMX team is involved in the earliest evaluation phases to help you identify the right system solution for your specific needs and objectives.

Once you have purchased the solution we will continue the partnership and help you fully realize improvements in productivity by understanding opportunities specific to your laboratory.

Lab Consulting
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