Advancing Dry Technologies

Advancing Dry Technologies

Advancing Dry Technologies

VITROS® Systems incorporate Ortho’s patented thin-film dry slide technology to enable high quality results quickly, efficiently and economically. The VITROS® XT systems* re-imagine this technology to include revolutionary Digital Chemistry detection technology to enhance the performance of your lab.

*Product in development and not currently available for sale

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Enabling unique capabilities for exceptional laboratory experience

The beginning: A vision of simple elegance

Dry technology began with a vision of simple elegance. At launch, dry chemistry addressed the needs of the time, many of which remain relevant today:
  • Timely and accurate results
  • Excellent precision
  • Extended calibration times
  • Small sample size
  • No reagent or sample preparation
  • High efficiency of reportable results
  • Direct ISE
  • Direct measurement of BuBc

The present: Unlocking more features and capabilities of dry technology

As technology evolved, more features and capabilities of dry technology were unlocked, to bring:
  • High system quality
  • Timely and accurate results
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Ease of ownership
  • Efficiency
  • Clinical relevance
  • Predictability
In addition to VITROS® MicroSlide Technology, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has introduced VITROS® MicroTip Technology and VITROS® MicroWell Technology.

The future: Solutions to drive efficiency, throughput, and reliability

We are continuing the heritage of dry chemistry innovation to deliver increased efficiency, throughput, and reliability. To stay abreast of the latest product developments, sign up for our email news updates below.
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