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The world is digitizing rapidly in order to deliver enhanced patient care and satisfaction, more effective data and increased efficiency, and your Lab is no exception.
VITROS® XT Systems are powered by a new digital reflectometer, connecting your labs ecosystem better than ever before, driving your efficiency, productivity and improving the quality of care you can provide to your patients.

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Benefits and Features


Four enabling technologies power the quality and productivity of the VITROS® XT 3400.


VITROS® MicroSlide Technology

VITROS® MicroSlide Technology

High-quality results, minimal operator interventions, exceptional ease of use, and 95% reportable result efficiency with innovative layered dry slide technology.1

1. Internal data on file. Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

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VITROS® XT MicroSlide Technology

VITROS® XT MicroSlide Technology

VITROS® XT MicroSlide* multi-test technology combines two thin film reagents onto the same slide, potentially doubling test volume for key assays.

* Certain XT Microslides in development, and some not currently available for sales in all countries.

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VITROS® MicroSensor Technology

VITROS® MicroSensorTechnology

Reduced time, labor, and error potential with endogenous interferences detection and flagging that requires no reagent or extra consumables.

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VITROS® INTELLICHECK® Technology powers the transformational performance of our VITROS® diagnostic instruments in labs around the world.

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