Help to safely, accurately, and efficiently screen patients—and deliver fast, accurate, standardized results, with proven and reliable reagents that integrate with the entire line of ORTHO products.

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Reagent Types

ORTHO BioVue®Technology

Deliver incredibly fast, accurate, standardised results with the unique column agglutination technology (CAT) of the ORTHO BioVue® system—considered the gold standard for manual and automated blood bank testing. Used manually or with the fully automated ORTHO AutoVue® Innova System and ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer, the ORTHO BioVue® system is easy to use and ideal for both routine and specialised immunohematology testing.

Reagent Red Blood Cells

Be confident that the reagent red blood cells you use every day—in automation, column agglutination technology, or traditional tube testing—to detect blood group antibodies are available, effective, and reactive throughout their dated shelf life. As the largest manufacturer of reagent red blood cells in the world, we exercise tight control over the many steps of the reagent red blood cell production process—from donor selection to customer shipment—to help ensure your expectations are always met.

Traditional Reagents

Gain exceptional results with our full line of traditional reagents designed for use with tube-based testing. Monoclonal antisera and antihuman globulin were pioneered by Ortho nearly 20 years ago with the proven BioClone® system of monoclonal antibodies. These reagents provide improved potency, reliability, economy, and safety over polyclonal reagents.


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