Greater demands are being placed on lab managers every day. Testing variability and complexity requires a standardized and flexible process and a seamless flow of information.  ORTHO CONNECT™ bridges the gap between instruments and hospital networks operating as a powerful interface to efficiently communicate patient information to and from instruments and practitioners.

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One Connection, Complete Control

ORTHO CONNECT™ is a middleware solution that acts as a link between your ORTHO instruments and the lab information system (LIS), bringing everything to your fingertips to help streamline operations and maximize resources. Acting as an intermediary, it allows the systems to exchange data, perform data management and complete regulatory process tasks that neither can easily perform alone.

Customize to meet your requirements:
  • Choose from more than 40 rules to meet the specific demands of your lab
  • Tailor the test types that are routinely performed based on the needs of your patients
  • Define reflex testing rules for those results that require additional testing
  • Configure your workflow process and approval levels to meet your needs
Connect when and where you need:
  • Log on from wherever you choose to review results in real time
  • Manage final medical approvals for multiple instruments at multiple facilities from one terminal
  • Connect multiple instruments to a single LIS connection
Enhance quality control and safety:
  • Automate results validation and Quality Control (QC) testing based on predetermined rules
  • Eliminate the inherent risks of manual procedures
  • Use image views for validation
  • Document activity for an audit trail
  • Standardize results and performance reports
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