VITROS® Automation Solutions

VITROS® Automation Solutions

VITROS<sup>®</sup> Automation Solutions

Clinical labs gain real benefits when workflow is automated, streamlined, and standardized with the VITROS® Automation Solutions. Versatile, effective, and reliable VITROS® automation combined with VITROS® Chemistry and Immunodiagnostic Systems delivers higher-quality results, faster than VITROS® Systems alone-and your physicians will notice the difference.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve With VITROS® Automation Solutions

VITROS® Automation Solutions is designed to work with your all of your VITROS® Systems—VITROS® 5600 Integrated System, VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System, VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostic System, VITROS® 5,1 FS Chemistry System, VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System (off-track), and VITROS® 250/350 Chemistry System (off-track).

With VITROS® Automation Solutions, you can:

  • Free up skilled labor for tasks that truly require operator intervention. VITROS® Automation Solutions allows you to auto-verify results, boost productivity by processing more samples during all shifts without adding staff, balance workloads and eliminate workstation bottlenecks, and reduce exposure to biohazards. In addition, results-based routing handles re-runs, dilutions and reflex testing without operator intervention, while VITROS® dry technologies reduce the need for unplanned maintenance.
  • Provide better service to physicians and patients and improve turnaround times with a more efficient workflow. VITROS® Automation Solutions helps you streamline sample handling by eliminating operator interventions, reduce time spent searching for samples with automated Sample Tracking, optimize workflow with results-based routing, eliminate barcode reading errors, and increase first-pass yields.
  • Reduce errors with a single control point for multiple analyzers. Autoverification combined with VITROS® Intellicheck® technology delivers worry-free results, while VITROS® MicroSensor technology bolsters specimen integrity and fewer manual interventions reduce the potential for errors.
  • Lower total cost by improving staff utilization while reducing errors and manual interventions. And expand functionality when your lab is ready, starting with a simple configuration and adding modules or more analyzer interfaces as you need them.

Total Automation Across Phases



Entry Modules:
+ Allow samples to be loaded in a lean, single-piece flow manner
+ High-volume sample entry in racks

+ Automatic loading, balancing, and unloading
+ Automatic START after user-definable time-out

+ Removes wide variety of caps
+ Manages multiple tube sizes

Aliquoting & Labeling:
+ Aliquot into secondary tubes with user-defined rules
+ Automatically labels secondary tubes



Analytical options:
+ Automatic load balancing
+ Point-in-space sampling
+ Robotic interfaces



+ Caps primary sample tubes from 13 x 75 mm to 16 x 100 mm

Exit modules:
+ High-volume sample exit
+ Sort into several different rack types
+ Analyzer-specific racks
+ Sample retrieving for add-on tests

Refrigerated storage (in development):
+ Up to 13,000 tubes
+ Automatic sample retrieval and disposal
+ User definable storage and disposal profiles
+ Manual access to the samples​


enGen™ multitube carrier
Multitube Carrier:
+ Accommodates several tube types
+ Multiple tube diameters and heights

+ Intelligent routing
+ Autoverification

Instrument Manager

Instrument Manager


The technologies of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics with an industry leader in middleware—Data Innovations


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