In order for blood to travel safely from donor to patient, great care must be taken at each step in the process—from the collection of blood to the transfusion of the patient. And today’s financially strained environment calls for enhanced cost-efficient automation of that process to deliver a reduced labor-intensive solution within a process-controlled environment. The answer is the ORTHO VERSEIA® Integrated Processor (VIP)—an automated pipetting and processing system that brings together the ORTHO VERSEIA® Pipetter and ORTHO® Summit Processor to enable end-to-end pipetting and processing.

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Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) offers an extensive selection of assays for donor screening. OCD has an exceptional track record of being first to market with assays and systems technology. And we'll continue to provide new tests and technologies as needed to continue to help ensure a safe blood supply.

  • ORTHO® HCV 3.0 Elisa
  • GS HBsAg EIA*
  • GS HIV I/HIV 2 plus O*
  • ORTHO® HBcore Elisa
  • Avioq HTLV I/II*
  • ORTHO® T.cruzi Elisa

*Product not manufactured by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics



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