Antibody Identification Software

Antibody Identification Software

Antibody Identification Software

Antibody identification is one of your lab’s most complex tasks. ORTHO RESOLVIGEN™ is expert software that supports this expertise in your lab by providing information and guidance to help enable your lab personnel to evaluate results and make informed decisions.

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Paired with the ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer, the ORTHO RESOLVIGEN™ 4 software update further automates antibody identification and improves user experience in an easy, efficient, and complete way.


  • Redesigned Interface: The RESOLVIGEN™ 4 user interface is now more intuitive and much easier to navigate
  • Clarified explanation of results: Within the RESOLVIGEN™ 4 software, different antigen expressions as well as different reaction intensities are marked with tags. Strong and weak reactivity and the associated reasons for exclusions of antibodies are also marked.
  • Report customization: Reports for patients, tests, rare RBCs, and panels can now be customized in RESOLVIGEN™ 4
  • Network ready: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 does not require special installation, and can integrate with a client server database to allow sharing of data among several computers


  • Total automation: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 automates the antibody identification testing process from order to transfer to LIS
  • Standardized diagnosis: A diagnosis may now be entered into RESOLVIGEN™ 4 in a standard format that can be readily exported to LIS, which in turn standardizes interpretation of results
  • Rare red blood cell: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 allows you to create a rare blood cell bank—an archive with public and private antigens that can be searched by different criteria and used to solve complex identification
  • e-Antigram availability: There is also easy access to downloadable antigram data that can be uploaded into the RESOLVIGEN™ 4 software to decrease clerical errors


  • Over 300 antibodies: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 interprets antibody identification results of 322 antibodies with serological and clinical information and bibliography references
  • Over 40 procedures: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 provides access to more than 40 immunohematology procedures to assist resolution of complex serological cases
  • Additional tests: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 suggests additional tests to confirm or exclude the presence of an antibody
  • Enhanced reactions: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 suggests supplemental methods to enhance the reaction of very weak antibodies or identify very complex patterns
  • Improved clarity: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 provides the reasoning behind how the software identified the correct antibodies with an updated reference library to support the conclusion
  • Database creation: RESOLVIGEN™ 4 creates a complete database including images of all immunized patients on a local, departmental, or regional level


  • Is compatible and integrates with both ORTHO AutoVue® Innova System and ORTHO VISION™ Analyzer
  • Can also operate in a stand-alone configuration
  • Works with ORTHO Antibody Identification Panels (ORTHO RESOLVE® Panel A, ORTHO RESOLVE® Panel B, and ORTHO RESOLVE® Panel C – 0.8% or 3%) and Antibody Screening Panels (SURGISCREEN®, SELECTOGEN®, or BioVue® Screen)


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