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Ortho SYNERGY - Evolve

Nobody knows what the future holds

Fixed service is a thing of the past

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With the healthcare sector in a state of constant flux, it is simply not possible to predict the extent or shape of the service support you are going to need in the years that lie ahead. Workloads may increase, service provision requirements may change and laboratories may be put under even greater pressure to improve their productivity. All of which means that the traditional fixed managed service contract is no longer appropriate. The laboratory of today needs the support of a flexible partner with the ability and foresight to respond to your ever-changing requirements.

You need a service that evolves with you.

As your workload grows, our service will grow. We will continue to adapt and change our service to keep pace with your requirements.

At Ortho we are on a relentless mission to improve the quality of service we offer through a process of continuous review and optimisation. Together with your changing needs, each and every adjustment or modification we introduce will have been benchmarked against the KPI’s set out in your Ortho Plan.

As a matter of course, our contracts management team will hold regular, ongoing improvement reviews to provide you with total financial transparency and to enable us to adapt our service as your operational, clinical or strategic requirements evolve. Your Ortho SYNERGY team will help you deliver a bespoke, carefully planned laboratory unique to your pathology service.

We will provide exemplary support and guidance throughout, guaranteeing uptime and forever improving your systems for the life of the contract.


Constantly Questioning • Always Adapting • Forever Improving

systems_optimization_icons.pngSystems Optimization

We will also routinely re-visit your Ortho Plan and the results of the ValuMetrix® exercise to ensure that performance standards continue to be met and that your lab is working smarter, not harder.
And with its own Lean team the laboratory will have internal resource to help lead changes in the department, delivering continued education and cross divisional engagement.

service_evolution_icon.pngService Evolution

If and when your system needs expanding, we are ready to deliver open, flexible, scalable solutions that will help your lab grow. We then work with third party suppliers to provide you with any further procurement services you may require.

Managed Services Designed for You.


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