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To guarantee continuous operation

You must expect the unexpected

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A system has yet to be invented that is not prone to human error, physical wear and tear, or the occasional technological glitch – but you cannot afford for your diagnostic systems to be out of action for more than the very shortest periods of time.

During the installation period, you will need continuous support to cover not just the installation itself but also method validation and menu optimization.

On an ongoing basis, you will also need support to cover instrument performance, workflow excellence and staff training.

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Significant downtime results from the traditional ‘Break/Fix’ service model.

Traditional Model: Break/Fix

Care Traditional Model

Our Model: Monitor. Prevent. Protect.

Care Our Model

Our comprehensive suite of support services guarantee that your systems remain in perfect working order and your staff has the skills to operate them.

Our top priority is to ensure that your systems and people perform to their maximum capability.

We apply the latest technology to provide personalized instruction and round the-clock responsive and effective service.

No system is perfect, which is why we are honest and realistic enough to only guarantee you 98% uptime. But what we can do is promise that our support team will be there for you.


Guaranteeing Uptime • Raising Performance • Boosting Confidence

predictive_support_icon.pngPredictive Support

Ortho Technical Experts in each of our three Predictive Technology Centres pro-actively monitor the status of your instrumentation, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Together with our unique e-Connectivity® suite of software technology, our predictive alerts eliminate the unexpected so that we can both increase your system’s uptime and reduce your costs. The ability to monitor, prevent and protect unique components of Ortho Care™ allows us to disrupt the traditional ‘Break/Fix’ model and deliver maximum service uptime.

learning_development_icon.pngLearning & Development

Your staff will receive ongoing training and support, tailored to their requirements to ensure maximum user competence and satisfaction. We offer continuous learning and performance support with accredited courses and resources, from General Operator training to more Advanced Operator/Biomedical Engineer training. Training is delivered through on-site workshops, offsite training in our Support Centre or via Self-paced online.

Constantly Questioning • Always Adapting • Forever Improving


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