Managed Services Designed for YOU.

Pathology is continually changing.

You are pressured to do more, for less.

Ortho SYNERGY helps you rise to the challenge.

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You face continued pressures to provide excellent pathology services in an increasingly uncertain world. You are tasked with managing financial and staffing challenges, along with complex regulatory compliance.

At the same time you must maintain and improve operational and clinical excellence in your laboratory. You do not need to stand alone, unsupported, to face these challenges.

At Ortho, we want to make a difference. We will rise to meet these challenges with you, support you, and together we will continue to improve our NHS.

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Managed Services Designed For You

Our Managed Services team will work with you to achieve highly customized solutions that will enable you to deliver the accuracy and consistency of results to both enhance patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

We Reimagine What’s Possible

It’s how Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has made a difference in laboratory diagnostics for more than 75 years, with pioneering life-impacting solutions. It’s made us a trusted partner of hospitals, hospital networks, blood banks, and laboratories around the world. We will be your commercial partner, delivering a bespoke and personalized managed service.

In SYNERGY We Are Stronger


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