Responsive Automation

Responsive Automation

Responsive Automation

Transfusion medicine has evolved in order to enhance safety and establish critical efficiencies. Responsive Automation is a transformational approach to transfusion medicine—bringing together monitoring and workflow technologies.

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Automation: From Evolution to Revolution

In an effort to resolve safety concerns and establish laboratory efficiencies, transfusion medicine has moved from a manual to an automated industry. While vast improvements have been realized, today’s automation is still rigid and lacks the ability to anticipate and respond to individual user needs and ever-changing conditions within the laboratory.

Today, labs are looking for systems that enable better control and confidence in testing results and can also respond to unpredictable shifts in workflow.

Responsive Automation is the transformational approach to immunohematology testing. It marries the best in monitoring and workflow technologies so blood bankers can anticipate and respond to the unique and unpredictable needs of their lab and deliver enhanced patient care.

Responsive Automation provides unprecedented safety checks and balances for control and confidence in every result as well as unmatched customization to prioritize when it matters most.

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