Transfusion Medicine Story
The Blood Banking World is changing.
Are you ready?
Market dynamics are escalating at an alarming pace, requiring labs to do more with less while still maintaining high service levels.

Marketplace Dynamics

1. Patient population and chronic conditions drive test volume and testing complexity

2. Staffing models challenged with a skill set and shortages

3. Healthcare environment is ever-changing with increased service level expectations

The Ortho Solution

Ortho’s portfolio allows blood bankers to truly do more with less. It all comes down to three powerful capabilities. Rollover to learn more.
Control Your Operations

Control Your Operations

Manage your data and performance metrics while automating and standardizing lab processes.

Optimize Your Resources

Optimize Your Resources

Decrease your hands-on time, simplify skill level requirements, and streamline operations.

Trust Your Results

Trust Your Results

Elevate quality, increase safety, and better ensure compliance.

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